Refurbish, Plant Audit & Inspection


Refurbish, Plant Audit & Inspection

From after-market parts and complete rebuilds to plant audits and equipment inspections, Ludman will find the best solution for you

Ludman Industries services and repairs any compactor, granulator, briquetter, flake breaker, flaking or shredding mill, regardless of brand, make or model. Ludman understands that producers are looking to find quick solutions to repair their machines, while keeping costs manageable. Our after-market services aim to satisfy these goals for you, no matter where you are located.


Choosing to refurbish your machine with Ludman makes it possible to implement beneficial upgrades, such as exclusive Ludman Industries proprietary designs and features. Ludman's technological expertise continues to help drive the industry forward. Our craftsmanship aims to increase up-time, lower total cost of ownership, and achieve superior product and higher yield.

Plant audits and inspections

Ludman performs plant audits and equipment inspections to ensure your system or machines are in the proper condition and continue to operate smoothly. Oftentimes, small tweaks in production allow for larger benefits over the long haul. We can visit your plant to make suggestions or recommendations on how to keep moving your plant forward.


Ludman Machine Buy-Back Program

In the instance that your machine is no longer the right fit for you, Ludman Industries's machine buy-back program exists to help trade-in your current machine with credit towards a new/used and improved one. Call today, if you are interested in participating in the machine buy-back program.

Ludman Industries Medallion Rewards Program rewards high volume buyers of Ludman equipment with long-term benefits and savings, when they continue to buy Ludman-made parts. We offer qualifying members various tiers with tremendous perks. Repeat customers of Ludman Industries can find discounts on shipping, roll and bearing assemblies, parts, tooling, additional customer service, machine audits, service calls, new machine purchases, and machine buy-backs or replacement, through the Ludman Industries Medallion Program.

Click here or below to view our PDF on how Ludman OEM quality and reliability improves overall machine refurbishment and parts, especially roll & bearing rebuilds and other machine parts that require heat treating.

Ludman OEM Parts & Refurbishment PDF

Ludman OEM Parts & Refurbishment PDF

Learn more about decommissioning and replacing machines below.


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