Flaking & Shredding Mills

High precision flaking and shredding mills built for many applications, including food-grade

Ludman Flaking & Shredding Mills

Ludman Flaking & Shredding Mills

Efficient flaking and shredding mills that require minimal maintenance

Ludman Industries designs and builds heavy-duty, custom, OEM flaking and shredding mills. Originally a staple of Allis-Chalmers's Food Division, Ludman continues to build these high quality, robust mills, while integrating new technology, such as electro-hydraulic roll gap positioning.

Ludman's modernized line of Allis-Chalmers's mills allows for maximum process efficiency and long-term minimal maintenance. Ludman focuses on providing its customers with mills that offer lower total cost of ownership, superior product and higher yield. In addition, Ludman's heavy-duty mills incorporate high bearing loads and feed capacity, which are of significant importance to most flaking and shredding applications.

Ludman's Mills can be supplied with new solid state controls that maintain flake thickness within 1 thousandths (0.001") of an inch for precise product application demands.

Ludman Flaking and Shredding Mills features:

  • Heavy-duty machines with high bearing loads and feed capacity
  • Latest technology, such as electro-hydraulic roll gap positioning, from leading process experts in flaking and shredding
  • Maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance
  • High-precision flaking and shredding capabilities with Ludman Machines
When choosing to buy a flaking or shredding mill, keep in mind mill construction

Mill specification selection for any material application represents a critical determining factor in the economical production of high-quality flaked material. High flaking pressures demanded by many applications require heavy, sturdy mill construction. Lightweight flaking mills, although often initially less costly, are more expensive to maintain over time. These machines eventually demonstrate a higher cost in the long run, requiring excessive and frequent rolls and bearings replacements.

Machine Sizes and Specifications

  • Flake Thickness from .005 Inches to .050 Inches
  • Roll Diameters from 12 Inches to 32 Inches
  • Roll Face Lengths from 20 Inches to 52 Inches
  • Heavy Steel Frame
  • Automatic Roll Gap Positioning System
  • Drives Up to 125 HP

Variety of Roll Materials and Designs

  • One-Piece Cast (Solid or Hollow)
  • Two-Piece Shell on Shaft
  • Three-Piece Bolted on Journals
  • Internally Bored for Cooling or Solid without Cooling
  • Two-Piece High Efficiency with Triple Pass Water Passages

Available Ancillary Equipment

  • Roll Type Feeders
  • Vibratory Feeders
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Hydraulic Power Supplies

Typical flaking applications include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cereal
  • Soybeans
  • Germ Meal
  • Cottonseed
  • Rolled Oats
  • Grains-Animal Feed
  • Salt
  • Nitrocellulose
  • Doughs (Embossing, Laminating)
  • Guar Seed

Ludman Flaking & Shredding Mills
Ludman Flaking & Shredding Mills

Ludman 1020 Flaking Mill
Ludman 1020 Flaking Mill


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