Ludman Flake Breakers

Smoothing the transition between your compactor and roll crusher

Ludman Flake Breakers

Ludman Flake Breakers

The Ludman Flake Breaker is an excellent accessory to your compactor and roll crusher circuit

The Ludman Flake Breaker is a specially designed machine to accept sheet-like materials, which have been discharged from the compactor, and break the sheet into a material size that is acceptable for further controlled particle size reduction.

The machine consists of two counter-rotating, toothed rotors, which reduce the sheet-like material by impact. Each rotor in the pair is provided with the required spacing to provide the product particle size range desired. One rotor in the pair is manually adjustable to increase or decrease the gap between them to accommodate changes in the thickness of the sheet being fed to the breaker.

The rotors are supported by heavy duty double row spherical cartridge bearings, which are sealed from the machine's interior by an additional seal to protect each bearing from dust contamination, and thus, provide long and trouble-free bearing operation. A special hopper inlet can be integrated into the machine design.

Ludman Flake Breaker features:

  • Heavy duty, self-aligning roller bearings
  • Seals for each rotor shaft mounted next to the machine housing to protect bearings from dust contamination
  • Idler shaft:  stationary-mounted, two-bearing idler shaft provided to accommodate a serpentine-type chain wrap from the driving motor
  • Machine finish:  Ludman Blue two coat epoxy paint system which provides maximum protection from corrosion of most minerals and chemicals commonly processed
  • Housing of heavy gage steel with bolted and welded construction
  • Rotating elements:  toothed rotors are supported on continuous through-shafts for maximum resistance to the impact pressures exerted
  • Adjustable rotor setting:  adjustment of one rotor is provided to vary the gap between the rotating elements
  • Drive:  chain and sprockets are provided with the breaker for power input from a separately-mounted, motorized reducer
  • Drive guard:  depends upon the variability placement of the motor

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Ludman Next Generation Flake Breakers


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