Ludman Briquetters

Using our compaction expertise to build robust briquetters

Ludman Briquetters

Ludman Briquetters

Our dependable, rugged briquetters are designed and built to handle more feed and produce denser briquettes

Ludman Industries Briquetters' proven designs and robust construction, tailored to producers' needs, provide a reliable source for various briquette shapes and sizes. We have been producing briquetters for nearly a half of the century.

Gravity feeders, force-feeders or variable speed feeders provide a means of metering, deaerating and pre-compacting material, as it nears the nip zone. Adjustable roll force and variable roll speed can be maintained, during full load operation. Slight roll adjustments allow for precise orientation of briquette pockets.

Ludman's briquetting process transforms extremely fine granular material into dense briquettes that can be sized and shaped to various applications' needs. Briquettes are produced with high or low pressure and can undergo mechanical or thermal treatment, in accordance with characteristics of processed material.


  • Custom pocket shapes with easy eject geometry
  • Super alloy technology
  • Labyrinth seal technology
  • Roll optimization
  • Water-cooled rolls
  • Pre-stressed frames
  • Coordinated motion force feeder
  • Active hydraulics
  • Gap control system
  • Roll removal table

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Ludman Briquetters
Ludman Briquetters

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